• Welcome to the Elk Plain School of Choice K-8 library!



    We are excited to announce that curbside library pickup is available:

    1. Login to Destiny (how-to video below)
    2. Place up to 3 books on hold (also in the how-to video below). Consider checking out a variety of books like:
      • a picture book, a chapter book and a non-fiction book, or
      • a chapter book, a poetry book and a graphic novel, or
      • 1 book about someone who is similar to you and 2 books about someone different than you, or
      • maybe 3 very different topics like animals, drawing and US history.
      • OR! Let your parent, guardian or sibling pick one out and surprise you with it at pickup!
    3. Please be ready to return any books you are finished with so you can receive all the books you place on hold.
      • You can see what books you have checked out by going to the My Info tab once you are logged into Destiny. 
    4. Wait for an email from Mrs. Link or Mrs. Keane that your books are ready to be picked up.
    5. Drive to the bus loop at the back of the building
    6. Call the library when you arrive: 253-800-7995
    7. We'll do the book exchange (return and pickup) at your car
      • Please stay in your car
      • Please wear a mask and use the bucket for the books you are returning
      • Books that are returned will be quarantined for one week before being reshelved (CDC protocols require 72 hours)
    8. Books are due when you are finished with them or when you are ready to exchange them for new books.
      • If you want to return books without picking up new ones, our book drop is a large, plastic tub with a slot in it under the covered play area in the back of the building by the bus loop.
      • It is available between 8-1pm every school day. No need to call first.

    Click on the image below to watch a tutorial explaining how to login, see what you currently have checked out, search for a book and place it on hold. We'll see your holds on our end, pull the copies and email the student and the parent or guardian that the books are ready to be picked up.

    how to screenshot


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    Login to the Elk Plain library catalog here to begin: Destiny


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    Post or watch book reviews using this Flipgrid!

    • Click on the Flipgrid image below
    • Select Join with Google
    • Select your school email address from the list (student#@students.bethelsd.org)
    • It may take you to a second login screen where you login with your student ID and birthday password (same way you logged into Destiny)
    • You should now be connected to our Flipgird
    • All videos are reviewed before posting

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  • Christine Link



    253-800-7995 (circulation desk)

    253-800-7955 (library office)


    Tracey Keane

    Library Clerk


    253-800-7995 (circulation desk)