June 2020

Finish Line
  • Tuesday, June 2

    Report Cards - Clarifications
    Per the document I shared last week, we will be sharing report cards digitally.  The only instance where you should print a copy is to send it to a parent that doesn't have the ability to access it digitally.

    Before that document was published, I stated I wanted you to keep track of your contacts to parents that you are sending report cards to digitally.  Now that all families are being sent digital report cards, I am retracting the requirement to create a Google Doc and track that they got the report card.  Given that we have a district-wide effort to do report cards digitally, that step won't be necessary.

    I do need your help to communicate with parents that they should log into Family Access and make sure their email address is correct.  When report cards are published an email message will be sent out to all parents. 

    At the end of the school year Stephanie will be printing your report cards for the cumulative files. Once you have them completed please email them to her. Please remember, any students that have been withdrawn or are withdrawn on June 19 will not show up for you nor will they forward to Stephanie. You will need to be sure your settings are correct to print ALL students report cards. The instructions are available in the email that Stephanie sent to you on June 1.  NOTE:  This is an in house step that Stephen and Stephanie still want to do.  Even though the report card doc shows hard copies in in files are not required, we will still be doing it at North Star.  

    Finally, DO NOT PLACE NEXT YEAR'S TEACHER IN THE COMMENT BOX AS WAS PREVIOUSLY COMMUNICATED.  Because of the lack of information on how we will start the school year, it is best if we don't set students and parents up for emotional confusion should we need to make changes in the fall.  At this time it is reasonable to think that we will not have all students at school at the same time for the first couple months of school.  Given that there is no information on how it would be decided who comes to school and when, it is possible that we
     will have to reasign students to different teachers to health, safety, teaching, and learning work properly.  AGAIN, DO NOT PLACE NEXT YEAR'S TEACHER ON REPORT CARDS.

    End of Year Checkout
    We will do checkout the same as usual.  Hartley will get together the info she typically sends out. 

    Students Turning In and Picking Up Items
    We will run our last drop off/pick up of items June 11,12,15, & 16.  Beth has set up a document with details about how the rodeo will be run and a chart for you to sign up for a time to assist.  

    End of Year Send Off
    We will invite parents/students to drive by school from 11:00-12:00 on June 19.  Please plan to be at school on that day [practicing safe social distancing] and share a heartfelt goodbye to our students for the summer.

    Friday, May 29

    Report Cards - UPDATED Info
    It has been decided that we should share report cards digitally with our families.  We can print but really it should only be for those that can't access their report card on Family Access.  The details are on the following document 

    Wednesday, May 27

    iPads During Summer
    Students will be permitted to keep their iPads over the summer if they would like to.  Additional details are being worked out with the technology department and district adminstrators.  Plan to continue instruction all the way to June 19.  No stopping early please.

    Report Card Q & A
    Q:  Will we print the report cards or send them electronically by email?
    A:  Both are acceptable with the following caveat - you have to know 100% sure that you have a working email address for those receiving the report card electronically AND follow up to ensure they got the report card.  How parents get the report card is not as important as that they get it and that you know they got it if you are sending it electronically.  The point here is that not all of the email address in Skyward have been working so we need to know for sure that we are sending to a legitmate, working email address.  You do not have to verify if sending by mail.  

    Put together a Google Spreadsheet with the following columns

    Student Name     Emailed     Parent Received     Contact Attempt #1   Contact Attempt #2
    Julie Smith               Yes                    Yes                        Email/Date              Phone call/Date

    Label the document REPORT CARD EMAIL VERIFICATION 19/20 FOR [TEACHER LAST NAME] Share your Google Doc with Stephen, Saralise, and Stephanie Vallerga.  NOTE:  Verifying means making a couple of attempts at asking if parents got the report card.  If they don't respond then at least you tried and we have proof.  

    Q:  Will the attendance box include only the school days between the last report card and the closure?
    A:  Right now attendance will show all of 2nd semester, Feb. 3-June 19. Since half-way it changed from normal indicators to "student engagement", the assistant superintendent requested that attendance be taken off the report card.  It can still be accessed in Skyward, but just won't be on the report card.

    Q:  Will it be possible to type in the name of the teacher the student will have next year? 
    A:  This was previously done in a "handwritten" field at the bottom of the report card. That won't work this year. Schools will have to communicate with parents a different way or put in the comments section.

    Q:  Do we need a copy for the office files still?
    A:  Yes.  Please make hard copies for Stephanie.  Make sure they are all stapled so they are ready to go for her to file and most importantly, so pages don't get misplaced in the process.  

    Hartley is working on bags and will have some in the office today or tomorrow.  

    Thursday, May 21

    School Closed This Weekend
    Just a heads up that the Jack will not be working on Friday and Monday.  The building will be closed for the four day break.  

    HITT Meetings
    All grades but 5th Grade had their team meeting this week and 4th Grade won't have theirs on Monday.  To keep things equal, all HITT meetings are optional next week except for 5th Grade.  We will resume our regular schedule the week of June 1-5.

    Do You Need Bags?
    A question came to me about whether the office was providing bags for putting students belongings into.  I thought it was a good question.  But, before we go and purchase bags for everyone, I want to see what the need is.  Please let Hartley know ASAP if you will be needing bags and how many if you think it will take more than one.  Do this right away so that she knows and can order if needed.  

    What will schooling look like next year?
    I will be talking to the Leadership Team about building a plan for how to conduct school in the fall if we are still in a COVID climate, which is likely.  That means thinking of various issues that range from do we have students at school all at the same time or do we have them come in shifts, how to keep student desks 6 feet apart (and what do you do if you don't even have desks in your room but instead tables), lunch routines, specialists and their ability to social distance during class, remote learning options by choice or necessity, staff wearing masks/gloves, taking temperatures of students, handwashing and sanitizers, etc. 

    As you can see, there is a lot to consider.  I know you will have your own questions or concerns beyond this short list so now is the time to get those ideas to your team leader.  For classified staff, work with your certificated teacher and then those certs can either pass the list of ideas to Stephen or attend the June 1 Leadership Team meeting and join in the conversation.  

    Here is the CDC website with links to the topic of opening schools.  It might provide you with some ideas to consider.  


    Note:  You may be asking, "Why are we talking about this?  Isn't the 'district' responsible for creating a plan?"  Yes and no.  Yes, the district is developing a plan and the approach is to include the schools in building a path forward.  That is where you come in. Our conversations will help administrators at the district level to determine our needs, wants, and possible strategies.  At some point though, each building will have to develop systems that work for their particular buildings as we are not all the same.  From size of building, layout of building, number of students, number of staff, etc. there are things that are unique at each site for which only general ideas can be applied.  We will still have to make the final decisions on some items. 

    Teach to the last day
    Because we are under the microscope of the community, we need to be sure that we are teaching to the very last day.  Please plan to have lessons mapped out all the way to June 19.  We cannot stop early as a lead in to the summer break.  

    Safe and Civil Schools Training
    The district applied for and got a grant from Randy Sprick's Safe and Civil Schools organization.  They will be providing training to counselors and administrators on May 28, 29 and June 2 and 4 from 9:00 to 12:00.  The PD has been opened to all Bethel staff so if you are interested in joining, let me know and I will share the information for how you can register which will then get you the Zoom links.  The focus of the training is as follows.

    Safe & Civil Schools Description

    For students to be successful in school, they need to actually be in school.  This live, virtual professional development opportunity will address how to build a continuum of support systems that apply proven principles of behavioral change to the issue of absenteeism.  Participants will learn how to apply universal procedures at the schoolwide level and also how to determine the causes of absenteeism for individual students with more resistant challenges using a functional behavioral assessment process.

    My understanding is that the information being shared may be applicable to understanding struggling students beyond absenteissm, therefore, I encourage you to consider attending.

    Friday, May 14

    Report Card Printing
    During our team meetings this week, someone asked if we will be printing report cards or sending them electronically.  At this point no decision has been made about that particular detail.  We have been told that this decision is being discussed and will be shared out in the next week or two.   

    Canvas Video-Casting Tool Now Available
    Canvas has introduced Canvas Studio, a way to record video content right inside of Canvas.  That means, no more need to upload to YouTube.  But it's more than just a recorder.  You can also mark parts of your videos with quiz questions.  As students play the video, it will stop where you want it to and require them to answer a question before continuing on with the video.  You can find the tool on the left bar of your Canvas course, near the bottom click on Studio.  Bethel is offering training on this tool tomorrow.  Here is the info the course.  

    Training and Support

    First training opportunity this Saturday afternoon (5/16) - Course 1004 (CORE TRI)

    What is Studio?

    Features & Resources


    Thursday, May 14

    Library Books Drop Off Plan
    We have a plan for collecting library books and any other learning materials that students are done with for instructional purposes.  Beth will send out details about how the process will work but I want you to know that we are looking for both certificated and classified staff to help out with this task.  Beth will share a document for you to sign up.  Please allow others to sign up before signing up for  a second day/time.  Also, we only need a couple of people each session.  Remember social distancing is still required. 

    iPads return is something that is being planned.  There is even discussion happening regarding whether we should just let students hang on to the devices for summer learning purposes.  More to come in the next two weeks as district administrators discuss this.  

    Please start planning for and taking action on getting student belongings together.  Once I know about the iPad decision, I will let you know when we will have parents pick up belongings including school pictures and yearbooks.  While we wait for that decision, start bagging things up.  

    Picture Quilt
    Kathy sent out an email about our next school-wide celebration project.  Please work with your PLC and come up with a message that can be placed into a picture with each team member holding a part of the message.  Look at the email for an example.  It is critical that you get your pictures to Kathy and Jana ASAP.  Remember that it takes them time to put it all together and we don't want them having to scramble at the last minute to finish the project before they are published to parents.  Thanks. 

    Monday, May 11

    Car Parade
    Wow!  That's all I can say.  You really did an amazing job of making the parade a success.  Thanks to everyone for joining in on the fun.  You really made a lot of kids and parents happy.

    Staff Meeting on Report Cards
    Saralise has set up a Zoom meeting for tomorrow morning from 8:00 - 9:00.  She will be going over the district guidelines for completing report cards.  A district committee reviewed the current situation and have details for you to follow when getting report cards written.  All classroom teachers need to attend.  I want specialists and support teachers to attend as well so as to be informed about the new markings and how it might play into your grading as well.

    If you didn't complete the Student Engagement Survey, please do that.  I want to have all classrooms in the tabulation.  Thanks.

    Library Returns
    We are looking at setting up a schedule for parents to be able to drop off library books.  Right now it is just for that purpose, not to do anything else including handing off items to parents.  We are going to try and coordinate handing things to parents when they return their iPads.  So, you can start putting things in bags for your students in preparation for when the iPad return happens and then we will hand off student items at the same time.  Again, please do not start taking actions like telling parents that when they drop off a library book they can get other items.  We will do handing them things as a coordinated effort to likely include school pictures and yearbooks.  

    Supporting Bethel School District Seniors - Please share on your Canvas/Seesaw

    I know this does not come as a surprise, but Bethel School District Seniors are not having a traditional end-of-year due to the school closure. Here is where you can help!

    We are asking elementary students to draw pictures or write special notes to our Seniors. Notes and pictures will be distributed to Seniors during our modified end-of-year celebrations. Your note/picture should not be labeled for any specific graduate. If you can support this project, please ask your child to draw a picture or write a positive message/note and drop it off at one of our 8 Meal Sites (list below) from May 11 through June 5. 

    Thank you for helping to make our end-of-year celebrations a memorable one for Bethel School District Seniors!

    Drop-off is from 10:00-1:00

    • Camas Prairie Elementary

    • North Star Elementary

    • Roy Elementary

    • Shining Mountain Elementary

    • Cougar Mountain Middle School

    • Spanaway Middle School

    • Graham Kapowsin High School

    • Spanaway Lake High School

    Kelley Boynton
    Executive Director of Elementary Schools

    Wednesday, May 6

    Car Parade
    Tomorrow, Thursday we will have good weather for our car parade.  A map has been sent to you today with both the route and the approximate times that we will arrive at each phase of the route.  A separate email was sent on Monday that has the route on four pages so that they are zoomed in enough to see the street names.  We will meet at North Star at 1:20 to get organized.  

    May Non-School Days
    May 22 is the Snow Make-Up Day.  Since we didn't miss school for snow, we will follow the calendar and there will be no school on Friday, May 22 and Monday, May 25.  Please do not assign school work on these two days.

    Student Engagement Survey
    I sent out a 5 question survey to teachers to gather some info on student engagement.  Try to complete by the end of the week.  Thanks.

    Thursday, April 30

    Boosterthon Event is Today

    Good Morning North Star Elementary Families! 

    Our virtual Dance Fit Event has officially arrived! Today is a day to CELEBRATE! Even though our students are learning from home, we’re all ready to have a virtual BLAST!

    Before we begin, we want to extend our deepest gratitude for participating, in whatever way you were able to, during this program. If you watched videos - THANK YOU. If you asked your student(s) character questions - THANK YOU. If you gave financially - THANK YOU. If you asked others for donations - THANK YOU. All of it benefits and strengthens our school community. 

    So thank you! 

    Instructions for the North Star Elementary Fun Run:

    1. Make sure student(s) shoes are tied and that your student(s) have enough SPACE to the right, to the left, in front of, and behind them. We want to ensure they have enough space to move and get active with SAFETY at the forefront. 
    2. We want them to have FUN above all else! If they need some rest or a moment to catch their breath, great! There will be REST breaks within the video, but if they need some additional time for rest, that is ok too! 
    3. All that’s left now is to press PLAY! Simply click on the link below, and it should play through in it’s entirety! 

    An Introduction to the North Star Husky Virtual Celebration: 
    An introduction to your North Star Dance Fit Event!

    Here’s the video link for your student to participate in all of the FUN:  DO NOT SHARE THIS LINK OR PASSWORD OVER SOCIAL MEDIA

    LINK: https://vimeo.com/402181844/ce42d4a2a3 

    PASSWORD: “Choose Booster”


    Fun Reminders:

    1. If you take a photo or video of your student participating in the North Star Elementary Fun Run, post it to our North Star Elementary PTA Facebook page!
    2. If you post a photo or video on social media, make sure to tag @ChooseBooster on Facebook and Instagram! They just might repost it!
    This is "Congratulations North Star Elementary!" by Zoya on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.


    Tuesday, April 28

    Miscellaneous News

    1. Grading:  OSPI has put out guidelines for grading.  The details are mostly related to high school but the main approach applies to elementary as well.  
      1. Do no harm - Students are to be graded according to where they left off.  New school work should not be used to downgrade a students overall performance for the year.  If you felt like you got enough new information to upgrade performance that would be ok, just down lower a grade.
      2. We can use the comments section on the report card, however, to point out effort during the closure.  Be very careful to keep the comments factual and neutral in tone, but you can state the level frequency of participation and number of assignments completed.  
    2. Seesaw Plus will not be purchased by the district this year.  You can get it for free for 60 days if you want the added features.
    3. Printing Science PDFs:  Please do not send TCI text PDFs to be printed as class sets.  Those PDFs are only to be ordered for students that do not have internet access.  
    4. Mentor Teachers Continue:  New teachers this year are to continue attending their meetings with TOSAs.  
    5. New Teachers and TPEP Module 5:  New teachers this year need to contact Stephen to finish up Module 5 of TPEP Training.
    6. Evaluations:  Teams need to close out their Growth Goals ASAP so that evaluators can get working on finishing up evaluations.
    7. Summer Institute:  June Institute is being discussed.  August should happen as usual but June is being processed and more info will be coming.
    8. Language Translation Needs:  If you have parents that need your newsletter/annoucements translated should check with Stephen.
    9. Mentor Teachers for Student Teachers:  If you have at least three years experience as a teacher and one year in Bethel, you may qualify for being a mentor teacher.  Bethel is generating a list of potential mentors that HR will draw off when student teacher's are looking for a school and cooperating teacher to do their internship with.  Let Stephen know by 12:00 on Tuesday if you are interested in having your name sent to HR.
    10. Canvas and Seesaw Invites:  Please add both administrators to your Canvas courses (including specialists) and make us both students of your Seesaw class.  Thanks.
    11. Must Do and May Do:  Let students know what is a must do and what items you are offering as extra practice AFTER their must dos are completed.

    What to say to parents

    The attendance and grading topics are for your information only at this point.  If a parent asks about it then you can respond with the facts as I have communicated.  At the same time, do not send out information to parents unsolicited.  Regarding attendance, parents can see what has been entered in Family Access like during the year. 

    Monday, April 27

    Tracking Engagement/Attendance

    Beginning Monday, April 27 Student Engagement/Attendance will be tracked. We will use the data collected to support students who are not connecting to their learning and report engagement to OSPI. 

    Below is the protocol to track Student Engagement/Attendance:

    • Every Monday, by 12:00 pm, Teachers will take attendance in Skyward for all students in each of their classes. 

    • The attendance taken on Monday is a record of the student’s engagement for the previous week. So, on April 27, teachers will take attendance recording each student’s engagement for the week of April 20-24. 

      Note:  The ratings below are pasted as sent to me.  There is some challenge in marking this way because there are various ways in which the markings might not make total sense.  Since they were written not knowing what each school was expecting it makes sense that this might not fit every school.  Example:  There could be no contact but a student is turning in work.  I know you and the questions and concerns that immediately come up about completing work, consistency among all classrooms, and being able to rate clearly.  So, I added the info in brackets for additional guidance.  Use work effort as your measure of engagement.  Be liberal about "completion".  If a student made a good try at completing something then count it.  

    • Indicate if the student is Present, Tardy or Absent using the following definitions:

    • Present (this is the default) = Fully Engaged (participating and turning in work) [5-10 assignments out of 10 completed]

    • Tardy = Participating with some contact, but not turning in work [3-4 assignments out of 10 completed]

    • Absent = No contact/Not turning in work [1-2 assignments out of 10 completed]

    At 12:00 pm each Monday, attendance clerks should check to see if all teachers have taken attendance. Reminders can then be sent to teachers who have not yet completed their attendance. 

    We need attendance to be taken by 100% of classroom teachers.  These guidelines are also in the School Implementation Plan tab to the left. 

    Wednesday, April 22

    Time with TOSAs Recording

    Below is a link where you will find the Time with TOSAs Zoom recording from yesterday. The introduction is not recorded because of issues with the recording; however, the content covering the Distance Learning Guide was captured. All of the Time with TOSA recordings are located on our Elementary Distance Learning Canvas page
    We look forward to you joining our live session on Monday morning starting at 8:30.
    4/20/20-Time with TOSAs recording

    Thank You
    Thanks goes out to...
    Tracy, Stephanie, Sara, Nicole, Beth, Saralise, Janae Hawkins from technology, and the Boosterthon staff for handing out iPads, work packets, and Fun Run t-shirts.
    All our great paras who have been contributing to district childcare and meal distribution.
    All our teachers for meeting, planning, preparing, and distributing paper and digital learning opportunities.  

    Draft Weekly Schedule
    Here is what I have mapped out so far.  Let me know what you think.  (Note:  Thursdays are pretty busy.  K - 1 teams, discuss amongst yourselves and see if one of you might move to a time on Wednesday.  Thanks.)

    Draft Schedule


    Monday, April 20

    District Level Support
    Last week you should have received a document from teaching and learning called Elementary Distance Learning Guide.  This guide walks you through each subject and see suggestions for how to organize core curricula for instruction.  The guide can be found on Canvas in the course titled Elementary Resources - BSD.  Once on the main page, click on the blue box that is titled Elementary Distance Learning Resources. At the top of the next page is another blue box titled Elementary Distance Learning Guide.  

    On the Right Path
    In an administrator meeting where we got to hear from Mike Christianson, Chief Technology Officer.  I learned something that just adds to the focused effort we have on using Seesaw and Canvas.  When speaking about what programs the district wants staff to use, it was explained that the reason we narrow the number of apps is due to a variety reasons that include costs for district licenses, privacy issues, ability to integrate across our many servers including the district's student records, and ability for our technicians and TOSAs to compentently learn about, teach, and support each application.  You are welcome to continue to use other tools that you already had set up for communicating two-way with parents and for students to share their work with you.  At the same time I want you to be learning a little at a time on how to have students share their work using your grade level's platform.  The goal is to work towards being competent for opening school in September.  

    Building Access
    You may go in any day between 6:30 and 1:30.  No restrictions on which days from this point forward.  Just remember to practice social distancing, disinfect the spaces you are touching, and fill out the Google form after your visit.  

    Building Meeting Calendar
    I am working on a revised building calendar.  Please let me know what your team determined were days that you would like to meet each week (I have 4th and 5th grade preferences).  If you meet more than once, let me know.  Admin will only join one of those meetings unless specifically asked to attend but we would like to see how the week shapes out with all meetings.  I will put together a new weekly map so that you then can plan your communication times for your "office hours" and video meetings with students.

    Included in the weekly/monthly calendar will be PD, Equity Team, and Leadership Team meetings.

    Two-Way Communication Survey
    I will be sending out a survey or spreadsheet soon.  I want to know what method you are using to check in with students/parents each week (texting, Remind, Class Dojo, email, phone call, video meeting, etc.). Just a heads up.

    NS Website
    Each week I will be publishing a message on the our North Star district website.  Please add something to your communications with parents to check the website on Mondays and Fridays.  Thanks.  

    Thursday, April 16

    Thinking of our North Star Huskies
    Kathy and Jana put this video together using the pictures you shared.  It will be published online for parents tomorrow, Friday.  Thanks ladies!  

    Thank you....

    To Jana for conducting Canvas training and answering questions.
    To Michele for teaching primary staff and specialists about Seesaw.
    Saralise and Beth for organizing and leading the iPad pick up plan.
    Jill, Susan, Christina, Jana and the Fund Run team for helping with the iPad pick up.
    The whole staff for attending the Seesaw and Canvas PD this week and working to get your pages up and running.
    Jack for taking care of requests here and there as staff have been in this week getting materials prepared for students.
    The whole staff for planning and prepping for instruction and instructional materials this week.  

    Envelopes have arrived
    We have 3000 envelopes from KCDA ready for you to use.  I have placed 500 on the counter in the office. 

    New Hires
    Please welcome Carrera Pattee (4th) and Bryan Hamblin (5th) to the staff for the 2020-21 school year.  Thank you to Susan, Christina, Jana and Mark for helping with the interviews.

    Digital Learning Trainings This Saturday
    Zoom trainings will be happening this Saturday that qualify for clock hours and TRI.  You should have received an email about this.  I asked Kris where the links for the Zoom meeting were and he said they will be published the morining of the training.  If you are interested in clock hours, remember to Register for course 1003 in Bethel Learns.

    Do you want to build a snowman.....or be a teacher?!!!

    Wednesday, April 15

    Print materials going home
    I checked with the district and whenever we have materials to be mailed home they get put into the mail/post the next day.  This has been a question recently so I got the answer for you so you can plan accordingly.

    Sending "Other stuff" Home
    For right now, we are only sending home iPads and instructional packets.  All other classroom items left by students at the time of the closure are to stay in the classrooms until we have a set plan for all parents to be able to retrieve those items.  Pictures, yearbooks, projects, personal items, etc. will be sent home after the Stay At Home is lifted.  We will do that handing off of "other stuff" as an entire school.    The only exception to this is an instrument.  If a student says they need their instrument, contact the band/orchestra teacher first and then arrange for the parent to get the instrument.  If you are not comfortable with giving them the instrument then contact me (Stephen) and then we can work something out.

    iPad Distribution
    We have enough staff to do the distribution.  Please avoid joining in as we need to keep social distancing under control.  

    Tuesday, April 14

    iPad Distribution
    We will start distributing iPads this coming Thursday and Friday for students in 3-5.  Students in K-2 will see iPads distributed early next week.  Saralise and Beth are heading up this process.  Direct questions to them.  

    Monday, April 13

    Seesaw PD Schedule Change
    Tuesday's Seesaw PD will be moved to 11:00 on Tuesday due to a scheduling conflict.  Canvas PD will still take place 9:00 - 10:00.  Seesaw and Canvas PD on Thursday will both happen from 9:00 - 10:00.  Thank you Michele and Jana for facilitating the PD.

    Resources Page Updated
    All resources for staff have now been added to the Library Homepage.  Thank you Beth for shifting the items I added to your library page.  If you have resources to share with others, please forward the info to Beth and she will get it onto the library page.  

    Clarification on the use of digital platforms
    One question that some are wondering is if the expectation is that ALL instruction be digital.  The answer is no, all of what you offer to students does not have to be digital work.  However, there is a caveat.  Please understand that the digital platforms (Seesaw and Canvas) are first and foremost, organization and communication tools for students and parents.  Everyone is required to use their respective platform to communicate what, how, and when assignments need to be done.  It is concievable for a teacher to send all work in hard copy if they choose to, but they will still have to post the assignments online so all families have the same method for seeing the schedule, lessons, and activities for the week in one place for all the students in their household.  I know it is fast and furious and this may cause some anxiety for some because there are other methods that are more preffered.  Hang in there and give it a try.  I sincerely believe each one of you will learn this and get good at it.  And remember, you are not alone in this.  You can call admin, team leaders, friends, ditital TOSAs at the district, etc and we will help you.  I will make a specific appeal to you that you can contact me any day, any time and I will assist you with your work.  That's a promise.  

    Formatting for Canvas
    Please see the implementation tab for details on how I would like all 3-5 teachers to set up their Canvas site so that we have uniformity across grade levels and classes.  Jana will speak more on how to do this.  I am focused more on the initial formatting and she will help with how to set up that formatting and how to use various tools such as how students can turn in work digitally.

    Saturday, April 11

    Canvas & Seesaw Tutorials
    Tutorial links for digital platforms are now ready to use.  Click on the School-wide Implementation Plan on the left.

    Friday, April 10

    Moving Forward Under a Common Plan
    Upon consideration of the guidelines for remote learning, supporting parents, and sustaining collective efforts across time, the following steps framework will inform out work.  The details about each component of our school-wide implementation plan can be found as a tab on the left.  Thank you to staff that have helped my developing understanding within each component.  

    1:  Weekly Schedule and Guidelines for Minutes per Week

    Component 2:  Uniform Digital Platforms for K-2 and 3-5

    Component 3:  Two-Way Communication Tools for Responsing to Learning

    Component 4:  One-Stop-Shop Resources Page

     5:  Weekly School Level Message using NS Website

    Thursday, April 9

    Classified Staff Meeting

    We will meet tomorrow on Zoom at 1:00 PM

    Wednesday, April 8 

    All Staff Meeting
    A staff meeting has been scheduled for Wednesday, April 8 at 1:00 PM.  A Zoom meeting link will be shared here and on the building calendar shortly before the meeting. 

    Recording Videos for Instruction
    I thought I had pointed out this particular video from the YouTube link I posted last week.  It appears I didn't hit save when I added it to my comments.  Go to this particular video called School Closed?  No Problem: How to start with Online Learning.  See how to teach with brief video lessons using Screencastify.  For more advanced sharing where kids can respond to questions you pose, you can include Edpuzzle.  An added tool called InsertLearning helps you easily add content from the internet and modify with highlighting and asking questions to be assigned to students.  This is meant as a quick preview, not the full PD.  More to come on using these tools.  

    Tuesday, April 7 10:45 AM

    Good morning
    Now that the official decision has been made to close schools for the rest of the year, we will be getting direction on how to proceed with a focus on distance learning.  District administrators will be on a conference call with the state superintendent at 2:00 PM today.  Building principals will be called to a meeting tomorrow morning to go over the specifics of what will be required of schools.  Because of this new situation I am cancelling the scheduled team meetings as previously scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday this week.  Instead I will schedule a Zoom meeting for us all to meet together. That meeting will be scheduled once I know when the principal's meeting is scheduled.  Plan to join the Zoom meeting on Wednesday or Thursday.  

    School Pictures
    Questions have been asked about getting school pictures.  We have made contact with Lifetouch and they will be sending the pictures.  Let parents know that we will be getting those to them by the end of the year.  At the moment we are working out logistics for getting the pictures and school work to them.  Bottom line:  They will get them.  Just hold on and we will figure out how that will be accomplished.

    Registration for new students will continue to take place as usual.  We are an online enrollment district so nothing should be changing about that.  

    Kindergarten orientation will be something to discuss as a team and will likely be an online experience where new families can watch a video or listen to an audio recording that shares the same info we would normally share in person.  

    Do Not Go Into School to Work
    We are still in a stay at home status.  Staff are not permitted to be working in the building.  And since we are awaiting the up to date info on what we will be expected to do next, just avoid going in just yet.  I promise that within a few days we will get a plan in motion for working families which will be some time in the building to get your materials together.

    Monday, April 6 12:00 PM

    What next?  Update
    As I mentioned last week, hang on for info on what the next steps are for at home education.  The governor has extended the stay at home order to May 4.  It has been said that he will be giving a news conference today and will outline the future.  Then OSPI will set expectations for what schools are required to do.  It is anticipated that OSPI will be sharing these guidelines with districts late tomorrow afternoon.  After we get these guidelines more planning can take place.  

    I will be meeting with the Leadership Team at 2:00 today to go over what we can be doing as a coordinated effort at North Star.  Stay tuned.    

  • Miscellaneous Info

    The MobyMax links at the bottom of the resources page that I mentioned last week were not working.  I have fixed them.