• School Closure Supports

    Student Learning Experiences

    Teachers are creating daily learning activities for each course they teach. It is highly suggested that students spend around 20 minutes per day, per class period, completing the learning experiences. In addition, it is suggested that students read for 20 minutes a day. The attached link provides each learning experience for each course taught at Cedarcrest Middle School. These learning experiences will help students stay connected and engaged in learning while they are out of school during the school closure.

    To access the Student Learning Experiences

    1. Click on the link - click here

    2. Click the correct grade tab on the bottom of the page

    3. Scan through the document until you locate the correct course heading (i.e. PE, Humanities, Math).

    • For example, if you are in 6th grade PE, select the 6th grade tab, then scroll until you find the PE heading.
    • Follow your third trimester course schedule.

    4. Under the correct course, activities will be listed (i.e. MTH 1, MTH 2) for the week.

    • Select a corresponding course activity (6 MTH 1)
    • To open the link, you need to click the link twice and then click on the link that pops up.  
    • The activity cover page, with all necessary links will open. If you don't have access online, directions for paper copy activities will also be included.

    • Complete all the steps of the activity and follow the listed directions for turning the activity in.

    5. If you have any questions, please email your student's advisor. Email's can be found here.

    6. Zoom Sessions for Students

    • CMS teachers will begin offering live Zoom instruction/support sessions throughout this week. In order for students to be able to access these without conflict, teachers will be offering a minimum of two Zoom sessions each week; one before noon and one after. We will also be staggering content areas to limit conflicts. Please know that there will ALWAYS be options to access the learning and receive feedback without attending every Zoom. Again, students are NOT REQUIRED to attend every Zoom. We know this would be very difficult, if not impossible, for many students to manage.


    • We are also aware of security issues that have been reported regarding Zoom meetings. We are taking the following steps to minimize issues with Zoom security. Students will receive weekly invitations from their specific teachers to Zoom meetings that contain a password. Only invited students listing their own name will be allowed to enter the Zoom. If a student cannot attend a teacher's Zoom, but needs help with their work, they may request to attend a different teacher's Zoom for the same subject at a different time and will be sent an invitation. 


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    No Digital Access  

    It is imperative that students use their ipad to access the learning experiences designed by each of their teachers. If a student is unable to access the learning experiences using their iPad, please complete the following form. If you don’t have wifi access to complete the form call the main office at 253-800-7500 and leave a message with the student’s first and last name, contact number, and specific reason they are unable to access the digital learning experiences. A staff member will get back to you to let you know options we can provide to support your student’s need to access the learning experiences digitally.  

    A list of available Bethel School District and Pierce County resources can be found under the Family Resource link.

    Student Access Support - Click here

    If you or your child are having trouble accessing Canvas or Skyward, this link will provide step by step directions that will assist you. 

    If you're having issues with your iPad and need tech support, report issues using this link