EPSOC Student & Family Handbook 21-22

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    We are the Sky Warriors

    The students at Elk Plain School of Choice K-8 and our school mascot/logo are referred to as the Sky Warriors! This reference is from Native American stories of wisdom, courage and strength. At Elk Plain School of Choice, it symbolizes our efforts to promote an environment of learning that fosters growth and strong moral character.

    The story is based on a Little Bird that sees a majestic bird soaring among the clouds, the Sky Warrior. The little bird wants to grow up to be just like the Sky Warrior, so the bird seeks advice from a wise old owl. The owl sends Little Bird off on a quest with a basket of feathers with prized attributes (courage, strength, and wisdom).  Little Bird is told to deliver the basket to the great Sky Warrior at the peak of the mountain.  However, along the way Little Bird meets three needy strangers. Little Bird ends up sharing the magical feathers with those in need.   Upon reaching the peak, Little Bird has none left to present to the Sky Warrior and fears that now Little Bird will never become like the great Sky Warrior.  This, of course, is what the Sky Warrior was seeking… a bird that was selfless and thought of others.  The Sky Warrior turned Little Bird into a great Sky Warrior and granted courage, strength, and wisdom in abundance.  Like the little bird, these are the attributes for which students at Elk Plain School of Choice strive everyday.

    Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy and validity of the information contained in this handbook.  Please understand that changes are inevitable and clarification is available in the Elk Plain School of Choice office or on our school website. 

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