Risk Management

  • The risk management office is responsible various services. As our name describes, we are responsible for “managing” district liability and property exposure. In the case of a claim either for or against the district, it is our responsibility to work with our insurance carrier to investigate and process those claims. Based on a preventative goal, we coordinate the night security patrol of district property and provide extra security patrols when needed.

    Accident Prevention Program
    Our department runs the Accident Prevention Program, established to promote safety for students and staff. This area includes review and resolution of safety concerns that often include indoor air issues. We conduct the monthly district safety committee meetings at which all accidents are reviewed and safety issues investigated.

    School safety inspections
    We also work with the Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department and the district insurance carrier to do school safety and health inspections.

    Emergency management
    In the area of emergency management, we review and coordinate school and district emergency plans. This includes creating and maintaining emergency preparedness notebooks, emergency procedures flip charts and emergency containers at each location.

    Insurance claims
    Puget Sound Workers’ Compensation Trust is our private labor and industries insurance carrier. A representative of the human resources department manages claims between the district and the Trust. Operations then works with human resources to coordinate the claims by managing the claim paperwork.

Safety Plans

  • Hazard Mitigation Plan