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    Posted by MEGAN BAKER on 12/7/2018

    22015 22nd Avenue East
    Spanaway, WA 98387-7511
    Phone: 253.800.7900
    Fax: 253.800.7998

    Email: ep_office@bethelsd.org



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  • Message to Families 9.12.21 Greetings Elk Plain Families!

    Thanks for a wonderful start last week! Your patience and cooperation made a huge difference for us as we navigated through our return to having all of our kids back at once. There’s still some new learning of routes and procedures, but I think we’re in pretty good shape to enter our first full 5 day week, albeit with a late arrival on Wednesday. As usual, there’s more things than I can fit in a phone message this week, so please take the time to read the email that comes along with this too. 

    The main things I want to address in the phone message this week have to do with safety.

    Dropping Off and Picking Up Students

    I don’t know if it’s the pandemic, or just that people are getting used to being back full time, but our student drop off/pick up area is more crowded than I remember for a long time. That makes it even MORE important that we follow the rules for that area. The email message will have some additional tips and suggestions but here are the most important ones:

    1. Always pull as far forward as possible to drop off or pick up your student. If you see gaps further along the line, you can use the passing lane to advance to those.
    2. Only use the curb side of the car to exit. If you are the driver and need to exit, please pull into a parking area to do so. Keeping the passing lane open is critical to keeping the traffic moving.
    3. Prepare your child for a quick exit when you get to a stopping point. The more quickly your child exits and you pull away, the better the flow of traffic. Never park next to the curb.
    4. Please NEVER cross the driveway except by using the crosswalk.

    Personal Protective Equipment and Social Distancing

    Students have been doing an excellent job bringing and wearing masks. Like me though, many struggle to keep them up and on correctly through the whole day. Please work with your child to make any adjustments to their masks that could make them fit snugly and stay above their nose. Also, please talk with your child about developing their 3’ distancing habits. Kids did a fairly good job on this last week, but it’s easy to forget when you get in a bigger group during recess or passing between classes. Also, I’m sorry but gaiters are not considered effective masks. Please do not send your child to school with a gaiter for a mask. 

    My compliments to the 99% of you parents who have remembered to wear masks when coming on to campus. We are grateful for your cooperation. 

    Breakfast Procedures

    If your student gets breakfast at school, here are the procedures for them:

    • Those getting dropped off may enter the main door at the front of the building and proceed to the lunch line.
    • Those riding a bus may enter the building through the back door near the gym entrance.



    1 hour late arrival this Wednesday 9.15

    Picture day 9.21