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  • Free Summer Feeding Program

    Posted by KAREN TOUT on 6/18/2020
    Free Summer Feeding Program 
    (Curbside Service only)
    Where: SLHS, GKHS, and SME
    For: Ages 1-18 yrs old
    When: Mon, June 22 - Fri, August 14th
    Days/Time: M-F, 11am-1pm   
    (No service Friday, July 3rd)
    More info available on the BSD website, or contact Child Nutrition at 253-800-3912.
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  • Virtual Yearbook Signing!

    Posted by KAREN TOUT on 6/11/2020


    It’s been a spring like no other. Lots of special traditions have been cancelled — but not this one. Yearbook signing lives on.

    Funny messages. Sweet scribbles. Heartfelt notes. All of the typical yearbook signing customs get to live on for the rest of time. And they’re all just a click away. Get signing today.


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  • Middle and High School Grading

    Posted by NICOLE THOMPSON on 4/29/2020

    Middle and High School Grading 

    The guidelines for grading during the COVID 19 public health emergency at the middle and high school levels in the Bethel School District have been finalized and are listed below. These guidelines align with the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction’s (OSPI’s) guidance for grading during remote learning.

    Middle school students will earn an A, B, C, or Inc. (incomplete) for all courses they are enrolled in. Teachers will determine and inform students what constitutes an A, B, C, or Inc. For students who receive an Inc., teachers may allow the student extra time to demonstrate competency on the standards. As middle school students progress into the 2020-21 school year, grades from this trimester will be used by teachers to develop lessons designed to meet student learning needs. Students enrolled in high school Algebra will follow the high school grading practices.

    High school students will receive an A, B, C, or Inc. (incomplete), for all courses they are enrolled in. Teachers will determine and inform students what constitutes an A, B, C, or Inc. Grades students earn will be based on the student’s demonstration of competency of the standards that have been modified for remote learning. Students who receive an Inc. will need to demonstrate competence on the required standards to convert the Inc. to a grade. This could include re-enrolling in the course, making plans with the teacher to allow the student extra time to demonstrate competency on the standards or, in unique circumstances, creating an alternative plan with a counselor/administrator to demonstrate meeting standards for the course to move the Inc. to an A, B, or C. Accommodations/modifications for grading and/or credits outlined in a student’s IEP will be honored.

    High school students in Bethel are completing an entire trimester of courses in the remote learning setting. We understand that the circumstances of the pandemic and the remote learning setting are creating challenges for many students and families. We want to encourage all students to make every effort they can to engage in their courses. However, for students who are not able to engage in their course work, we will work with them to assure they continue to be “on track” for graduation. A benefit to the newly implemented trimester system is current 9th, 10th, and 11th graders will have flexibility in their schedule to re-enroll in a course where an Inc. is issued.

    If you need additional assistance, please reach out to your counselor, teacher, advisor, or a building administrator.

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  • Withdrawing Your Student

    Posted by KAREN TOUT on 4/13/2020

    Moving? Need to withdraw??? Please send an email to We will respond to you via email with detailed instructions on how to withdraw during this special time. 

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  • Online Learning

    Posted by NICOLE THOMPSON on 3/23/2020

    Good afternoon everyone,

    As we fully transition into online learning, I have some important iPad troubleshooting tips to share with you. Most of it applies all year long, not just during this school closure. 
    If you have new students ask you about iPads, please tell them the first step is completing the Hold Harmless form online. This is available at under "Payments and Purchases." There is no paper copy.  Once completed, they should notify Sharon May ( and Teresa George ( to have the insurance processed and iPad set up. Sharon will be in the library Wednesdays 9-12.
    For apps specific to your class, you are the front line of troubleshooting. Even on campus, Sharon and I typically are not able to help beyond checking the iPad basics (listed below). If a problem persists or is coming up for multiple students, try the technology helpdesk x6767. 
    General troubleshooting - 
    • Is the iOS updated? (Settings > General > Software Update)
    • Try a hard reset (flyer attached)
    • Reset network settings (Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings)
    • You can try deleting and reinstalling an app but be aware, sometimes they won't reinstall! (Those are the instances our technician Dave steps in to help)
    When the Skyward mobile app stops working, it typically means the student needs to create a new password. This cannot be done in the Skyward app. They must access Skyward through MyBethel to reset their password (or go to and select "Family Access"). On campus we help them do this on our desktop computers but it should also work on their iPads by going to MyBethel first. If they do not know their original password, they can follow the link "Forgot your login/password?" If that fails, the next step would be contacting the counseling center to check and/or provide a temporary password.
    If students complain to you their iPad isn't charging:
    • Remind them to charge with their iPad block and not a phone charger, which often won't work as fast
    • Encourage them to actually power off the iPad while charging (hold the top right button until the "slide to power off" option)
    • Do be aware, with our most recent iOS updates, some iPads appear to not charge. This can typically resolved by doing a hard reset of the iPad (flyer attached, courtesy of Mary Macinnes at LMS). If they have tried this and the iPad still won't charge, suggest they test a different outlet first.
    If these tips don't resolve the issue, or there is visible damage to their cord/brick (dog chewed it, brick burned out, etc) we can replace them at no charge to the student. (Students are fined for lost chargers, though.) If a student needs a replacement charger for any reason, they should contact or to request a replacement
    Please contact and (You or the student may reach out to us.) We need the student's name, ID number, iPad barcode number, and a way to contact.
    If a student cracks their iPad screen, a replacement must be issued. Please have the student email and, including the student's name, ID an iPad barcode number.
    Be aware - strange lines through the screen can also be the sign of a broken iPad when the screen is fractured below the surface.
    Finally, I ask that you be patient as Sharon and I are trying to negotiate remote work just like teachers. We may not be able to respond to iPad issues as quickly as we do when the school is open, but we do understand the importance of technology access and will do our best.

    Veronica Soler
    Graham-Kapowsin High School
    (253) 800-6195
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  • Canvas Help for Parents

    Posted by GKHS on 10/15/2018
    Parent Registration and Student Observation

    In this video, you will get an overview of how to register for a Canvas account as a parent or guardian to observe students and their interactions within a course.
    (Last updated 2015-11-03)

    To view subtitles for this video, click the CC button in the tool bar and select a language.

    Learn from and share ideas with other Canvas users:
    View the script for this tutorial:

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Principal's Message

  • At Graham-Kapowsin High School we believe that Orange and Blue Starts with YOU. This means bringing "Your personal best everyday," "Owning your future," and "Understanding we are one."  

    I encourage all students to get involved at GKHS through clubs, sports, activites, challenging classes, or anything else that helps them take ownership over GKHS. I encourage students to take at least one challenging class that will help them in their post-high school life, whether their path includes four-year university, technical college or an apprenticeship, the military, or some other exciting, career-oriented endeavor.

    One of the most important factors in your student’s success is your involvement. The way you talk to your students about their education influences their academic success. Some of the items worth discussing include the following:

    • Let students know that through their hard work they will increase their understanding in all subjects (including Math and Science).
    • Encourage students to talk to teachers if they have concerns about grades or other issues in class. This helps teach students responsibility to work things out with supervisors. Let them know that it is okay to ask the teacher for help
    • Set high expectations for achievement in school. Encourage students to take challenging classes throughout their high school experience, including during their senior year.

    Other ways to be involved include the following:

    • Become a partner with your student by communicating with teachers.
    • Regularly monitor your student’s progress by calling teachers or online using Family Access.
    • Call or email teachers, counselors or administrators when you have a question or concern.
    • Join the GK Booster Club; the boosters provide many services to the school.
    • Stay informed by reading the school mailings, sent every other month.
    • Visit the school and teachers’ websites

    If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at GKHS at 253-683-6100.

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