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  • covid 19 vaccine and your kids

    What should parents and families know about the COVID-19 vaccines? On June 16 at 6 p.m., join health & education leaders from Washington State Department of Health Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) Kaiser Permanente Washington and Washington State PTA for a conversation on vaccines and children and what families can expect next school year. Submit any questions you have and register for the free webinar today!

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  • The Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department is providing Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines at two of our high schools this week.

    These clinics are intended for students 12 years of age and older.

    Parents/guardians must complete the Vaccine permission form linked below prior to the clinic if the parent/guardian is not going to be present at the clinic.

    Vaccine permission form in English
    Vaccine permission form in Spanish
    Vaccine permission form in Russian

    Community Health Care is providing Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines at two of our high schools next week. Permission forms are available by following the registration links below.

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  • static vaccine sites

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  • Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department: Healthy People in Healthy Communities

    Youth ages 16 and 17 are now eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine

    It’s free. No insurance needed.

    Pfizer vaccine is the only vaccine currently authorized for people ages 16 and 17.

    Find Pfizer locations and schedule appointments:

    • Call us at (253) 649-1412, 7 days a week, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
      • We can help you find locations with Pfizer, register for appointments, get a ride to your appointment, identify consent requirements, and answer questions.
      • Available in multiple languages.
    • Visit
    • Visit We post Pfizer events throughout the county.

    Protect our community. Be a strong advocate for healthy schools. Promote vaccination.

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  • Bethel Dental Service Day


    Click here to download the permission form

    sental screening and sealant event

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  • Hybrid Health and Safety

    Hybrid Health and Safety

    Take a look inside one of our schools to see the health and safety measures in place that are keeping staff and students safe during hybrid learning.  
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  • Community Health Care clinic set to open at Bethel Middle School

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    The Community Health Care clinic has moved from its temporary location at the Bethel Learning Center to its new location at Bethel Middle School.

    The new clinic is nearly twice the size of the temporary set up. Officials said that means more students will soon be able to access services.

    “There are 3,500 potential patients just in your schools alone,” said Debbie Jacobson, Community Health Care’s Assistant Director of Operations, referring to the populations of Bethel Middle, Bethel High, and Shining Mountain Elementary.

    Click here to read more.

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  • COVID-19 Health and Safety Inspections



    Risk Manager Alex Huerta as he takes us on a tour of Spanaway Elementary to see how they're implementing the building health and safety protocols.

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  • Q13: Right at School childcare program in the Bethel School District serves as reopening model


    Elementary students in the Bethel School District are positioned to begin a phased reopening plan in mid to late October.

    While a date is yet to be determined, students in the Pre-K to second grade will be in the first group to begin in-person hybrid learning on an A/B schedule. A week after that, third through fifth grade students would join them, switching from virtual learning to the hybrid model. Read more here.

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  • Immunizations
    When a decision is made to allow students back in schools, we will be enforcing all health and safety requirements. This includes immunization requirements and medication and/or treatment orders for students with life-threatening health conditions.

    Students with life-threatening health conditions must have their orders renewed every school year before they can come to school in person.

    New immunization regulations require immunizations to be complete and up to date before students can start school in person.

    ​To get your child’s immunizations up to date, contact your healthcare provider or visit our list of local resources to get your child their immunizations.

    You can access health forms, immunization information, and more at

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  • FREE Drive-Thru Vaccinations


    Community Health Care will be holding a FREE drive-thru vaccination event for children on Aug. 29 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Bethel Middle School. Parents should bring their child's immunization record.

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  • Cloth Face Coverings for Children During COVID-19​​

    T​o protect ourselves and others from COVID-19, the CDC now recommends ​cloth face coverings be used when outside. But what about children? Click here for answers to some frequently asked questions about cloth face coverings and children during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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  • Fall 2020: Students with Life-Threatening Health Conditions

    The Bethel School District is preparing to open school in the fall. With students coming back to school, it is important for your child with a life-threatening health condition to be ready with orders and medication to return to school.

    You should have received documents for you to share with your child’s healthcare provider to get authorization for medication and treatment at school. You can also access the health forms in the left hand column.

    Don't delay making an appointment with your child’s doctor. With COVID-19 restrictions, doctor offices are not able to serve as many people each day, so it will be difficult to get an appointment for your child if you wait.

    Thank you for the opportunity to help keep your family healthy.

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  • More testing opportunities make it easier to find out if you have COVID

    Pierce County has more testing resources available, and new testing guidance means more people should get tested. Anyone who has symptoms and those concerned about COVID-19 exposure as well as other groups can request a test from a healthcare provider. 

    Following Centers for Disease Control and Washington State Department of Health guidance, Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department announced expanded testing criteria to health care providers June 5. 

    Testing sites in Pierce County

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  • Public health is a team effort

    Public health is a team effort. While healthcare workers are working diligently in order for us to get through the COVID-19 pandemic, you can help, too. Vaccinating young children (especially babies birth to 24 months) on time is the best way to protect them from vaccine preventable diseases. Learn more at

    stay safe

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  • Medical visits

    Under Gov. Inslee’s current orders, patients have access to most, but not all, health care services. The order does allow for regular clinic visits so you can maintain care for any current or urgent conditions. 

    • Urgent and emergency care is available and safe to access.  Patients with COVID-like symptoms are separated away from others.  
    • Doctor and clinic visits for routine care were never prohibited under the Governor’s order. Contact your provider to find out what in-person and virtual options are available.  
    • Telehealth visits connect you with your health care provider through phone and video conference. This is a good option for routine care, mental health, managing chronic conditions, and having new conditions or symptoms evaluated to determine if you need an in-person visit.  
    • Some surgical and diagnostic procedures are now available. You and your health care provider will need to work together to determine if the procedure is needed urgently enough that a delay would have a detrimental impact on your health. 

    While we’re not fully back to normal operations, you shouldn’t delay care for new or worsening symptoms. Part of doing your part means staying healthy and connecting with your health care team if you experience troubling symptoms.

    Please do not delay getting the health care you need.  We strongly encourage you to call your health care provider to discuss your concerns. Many issues can be addressed with informed guidance, prescriptions or a tele-medicine appointment.

    Learn more at

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    With more people using cleaning products during the COVID-19 pandemic, there’s been an increase in accidental poisonings in Washington State. The Washington Poison Center reported a 23% increase in calls about accidental poisonings from cleaners compared to this time period last year. Learn more at:
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  • Should I wear a cloth mask

    Should I wear a cloth mask

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  • Keeping your home healthy

    In his COVID-19 Stay Home, Stay Healthy order, the governor has asked us to stay home as much as possible. We can still enjoy the outdoors near our homes, and go outside to exercise, and some of us in essential jobs are still traveling to work. But, for most of us, we are spending a lot of time inside our homes. Read more here.
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  • Questions about medical appointments

    We all know that we’re supposed to stay home, especially if we’re not feeling well. But what about getting to important medical appointments like dialysis? Or visiting your health care provider after calling their office and telling them about your COVID-19-like symptoms? Read more here:

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  • Helping children cope with COVID-19

    helping children cope

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  • MyIR - How to access immunization records

    The state has come out with a promotional kit to help parents access immunization records. This will assist with the change in regulation starting in August that requires medical verification of immunizations instead of parent report.



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  • Thanks to our amazing school nurses and health clerks!

    School nurses and health room workers pose for a photo

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