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Budget Reports

The budget process for Washington State school districts is governed by state law (chapter 28A.505 RCW), regulations (chapter 392-123 WAC), and instructions provided by the Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI). Within this structure, the Bethel School District Board of Directors formally adopts its annual budget prior to the start of each school year. The budget format as prescribed by OSPI is commonly referred to as the F-195 Report. The district’s budget includes five governmental fund types: the General Fund, Associated Student Body Fund, Debt Service Fund, Capital Projects Fund, and Transportation Vehicle Fund. 

Budget Brochure

The annual budget is summarized in this brief, easy-to-understand single-page trifold. It includes descriptions and funding levels for each fund, a graphic break-down of major revenue and expenditure estimates by category, and the district’s estimated average, daily costs to educate a child by major cost category.

School Year 2021-22 Budget (F-195 Report)

School Year 2022-23 Budget (F-195 Report)

School Year 2023-24 Budget (F-195 Report)

This is the complete, detailed budget document required annually by the state. The F-195 Report includes enrollment projections and planned staffing levels in addition to anticipated revenues, expenditures and fund balances for each fund.

2023-2024 Budget Presentation

Presented to the Board of Directors by the District’s Chief Financial Officer: This presentation highlights the impact of state legislative results and the programs and operations levy on the proposed annual budget.