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Guided Language Acquisition Design (GLAD)


Project GLAD is an instructional model that incorporates many research-based and highly effective instructional strategies. Using Project GLAD, teachers deliver academic content and language while using an integrated, balanced literacy approach. While originally developed for English Language Learners, it benefits all students through the use of high-level thinking and academic language, as well as cross-cultural skills. Students taught in a GLAD classroom are prepared to be effective, literate citizens of a global society.

When visiting a classroom where GLAD strategies are used, you will notice high-level vocabulary and walls "dripping with language." The GLAD model provides a language-rich constructive environment and employs a variety of student interaction techniques that instill the love and fun of learning!

General Information

Bethel School District has been training teachers in Project GLAD since 2013. We currently have about 50 GLAD trained teachers in our district. Teachers attend a 7-day training and receive follow-up coaching and/or professional development during the school year. Our first team of GLAD trainers was certified in July 2015, and we have a long-term plan for providing GLAD training to all of our teachers.

GLAD Lab (x8901)

The GLAD Lab is located in Portable #9 at Pioneer Valley Elementary School.  The GLAD Lab, where GLAD trainings take place, is filled with GLAD resoures. Teachers can come to the lab to plan and prepare materials for GLAD lessons with support from district GLAD trainers and other colleagues.

Driving Directions & Parking:

The GLAD Lab is located at the corner of Eustis Hunt Road & 204th St. E. on the campus of Pioneer Valley Elementary (7315 Eustis Hunt Road, Spanaway, WA 98397).  The most convenient parking is located off of 204th.  As you pass through the intersection of Eustis Hunt & 204th, turn into the second driveway on your right and then take the first right by the portables (none of these are Portable #1).  Once you have parked, walk parallel to 204th toward Eustis Hunt Road.  At the end of the parking, follow the sidewalk between the building & 204th.  When the sidewalk ends, you will see Portable #1 directly in front of you. Welcome to the GLAD Lab!