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Route 2: "Class to Cert": Alt Routes to Teacher Certification



Check back in the Fall of 2023 for updates for the 2023-24 SY

For the "Class to Cert" program, Bethel partners with PLU for Alt Routes, Pathway 2.


**Consideration for this program is on an as-needed basis as determined by the District**

Consideration for Bethel partnership support and participation in this program requires pre-approval from Human Resources.

(At this time, Bethel does not support Pathway 1)

Class to Cert Program -- Unavailable for 22-23 SY

We are not considering Class to Cert (alternative route) candidates at this time; PLU is the only program we partner with for our specific Class to Cert program.


To obtain your Teacher Certification, you would need to complete a Teacher Prep/Certification program via either:

  • Traditional Route (degree w/ certification); -OR-
  • Alternative Route: Pathway 3 - career changer program (certification only)however, this option is only if you currently hold a Bachelor's degree. The program(s) you are interested in would evaluate your current degree.

NOTE: All certification/program advising goes through the program you select.

You can obtain more information here to learn about teacher certification programs in WA state. 


If you choose to pursue your credentials, you may continue to work in your current para position as long as your program does not interfere with your Bethel work hours, but when it comes time to complete practicum/student teaching, you will need to resign your position to do so.

If you desire to complete your student teaching in Bethel, you must submit a request via your program to do so; Bethel reviews all requests upon receipt and we do our best to accommodate; however, placement requests are not guaranteed. Additionally, Bethel does not partner with WGU for placements.


After reviewing the information via the website, should you have additional questions, please don't hesitate to reach back out to me.

For more information about alternative routes to teacher certification in general, please click the following link to the Professional Educator Standards Board.  Under "I Want to be an Educator...", click on "What is an Alternative Route?".

Disclaimers:  Applicants who are accepted into any program will bear all associated programs costs and the District will not be responsible for any related costs.  While the goal of approving employees to enter the alternative route programs is to ease the burden of the teacher shortage and to hire those we can, there will be no guarantee of continued employment for any students who are supported in a program while not yet placed into a continuing teaching position.  Applicants will be accepted into programs on a space available basis which may be dependent upon coach/mentor availability.


The District reserves the right to determine which alternative route programs will be selected for partnership.

The District will review program agreement(s) and submit them for the Finance Department's review and Board of Directors approval. Human Resources will also ask for legal to review the associated agreement(s), as needed.


The Professional Educator Standards Board (PESB) is responsible for Washington State's policy oversight and oversight related to educator programs and certification.

The Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) is the primary agency that oversees Washington State K-12 public education.  Their purview includes approval/disapproval for issuance of teacher certificates.