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Route 3: E-Subs, Non-Bethel Employees, *Instructional Paraeducators


Those who are either:

...and is interested in pursuing their teacher certification via Alt Routes, must do so via Route 3 -- click for more info.

NOTE: Route 3 admissions, placement, information, etc. is all done through a program -- see below for additional information provided by PESB.

  • a current Bethel non-instructional employee (PSE, BEA, Non-Rep); OR
  • a current Bethel Substitute (includes Emergency Substitute Teachers, paraeducator subsitutes, etc.);  OR
  • not currently employed by Bethel; OR
  • a *Bethel instructional paraeducator who
    • does not meet minimum requirements to be considered for district support via Route 2; and/or
    • does not want to obtain teacher certification in a high-need area as identified by Bethel; and/or
    • has missed the deadline to be considered for the upcoming school year

Route 3 Information

Program Option Suggestions

HOWEVER, Bethel encourages those who desire obtaining their teaching credential to do so through a traditional route.  Local program suggestions are listed below.

If you hold an AA --> Bachelor of Arts in Education

If you hold a BA+ --> Alt Routes and/or Masters in Education/Teaching option

Click here for a full list of WA-state approved Teacher Prep programs.

NOTE: Bethel reserves the right to select which programs to partner with and/or support student-teaching placements. Bethel does NOT support WGU, and have limited support for online programs; brick-and-mortar programs are preferred. Bethel does NOT partner with WGU, and therefore, does not support practicum nor student teaching placements.


Mel Boyd

Director of Human Resources

(253) 800-2032