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Native American Education (Title VI)

The Bethel School District Native American Education Program is mandated by Title VI, of the Elementary and Secondry Education Act. The intent of this law is to provide financial assistance to school districts for the development and implementation for programs specifically designed to meet the culturally related academic needs of Native American/Alaskan Native students. 


Your child may be entitled to participate in the Bethel School District Native American Education Program. For each child who is registered on a 506 Eligibility Certification Form, the district receives Federal Title VI funds to pay for academic assistance for Native American children. In order to be counted as part of this program, a 506 form must be filled out by a parent/guardian of the Native American child. When filling out the form, all parts must be completed. It is not required that a student be enrolled in a tribe if the parents or grandparents are registered. 

This 506 Form needs to be filled out only one time as long as your child attends Bethel schools. We will keep all information confidential. Forms are available here on the website or by calling Rachael Barger at 253-800-2394 or Amy Hales at 253-800-2393. 

Title VI ED 506 Indian Student Eligibility Certification Form