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Benefits of Immersion

There are several reasons parents should consider a Spanish Dual Language Immersion program.

Bilingual students generally demonstrate academic gains.  Research shows that students in dual-language immersion programs typically develop strong academic skills in addition to becoming proficient in both languages. Students have the opportunity to achieve true bilingualism and bi-literacy in Spanish and English.  Students learn languages more easily at an early age. Immersing and instructing students in a second language provides an effective vehicle for students to learn to speak, read and write fluently in both languages by fifth grade. Students develop cultural literacy as well as enhanced cognitive skills.  Language Immersion students benefit from the ability to communicate with people from diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds.  They also typically experience academic achievement at or above their single-language peers.  Research covering more than 40 years of language immersion instruction shows that children who receive a variety of cognitive benefits such as mental flexibility, nonverbal problem-solving abilities, and enhanced critical thinking skills.