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Language Access Services

All families have the right to information about their child’s education in a language they understand. We can provide an interpreter or translated documents, free of charge, when you need them. For information on accessing interpretation services, please contact Special Services at 253-800-2300, or contact your school office.

Bethel School District Language Access Services 

Throughout the 2022-2023 school year, Bethel School District’s Language Access Committee, composed of representatives of all relevant departments, developed a systematic approach to meeting the requirements and best practices identified in the passing of House Bill E2SHB 1153, which concerns language access for families and communities in public schools.  This work also aligned to Bethel School District updated board Policy #4218. 
The ultimate purpose of the district’s Language Access Plan is to establish meaningful, two-way communication between the District and parents/family members so that all families have access to the programs, services, and activities of the District.
What our district completed over the last school year:
  1. Completed a District self-assessment, using OSPI’s Language Access Self-Assessment tool, for evaluating current language access services in the district and to identify needs.
  2. Modified our website and forms to allow easier and more accurate communication with limited English families.
  3. Modified our enrollment forms and practices to compile a list of families that would benefit from services.
  4. Developed training modules for translation and interpretations services to teach building personnel how to use the list of families to ensure they reach out to appropriate families to see if they require support.  (Office & Counselors)
  5. Refined our service request system to allow for accurate reporting of use and quality of services.
  6. Developed a way for the users (families and staff) to provide feedback regarding their experience with the provided language access support. (See survey link below)
  7. Created a plan to compile information on the resources.  This information will be annually reviewed, analyzed, and published as well as reported to OSPI.
What our district will continue to do:
Annually our District will complete OSPI’s self-assessment, using the data and opinions gathered by the processes we developed, to improve the services we provide.  Suggest 3 meetings per year (Cyclical-Data-Plan/Modify-Implement-Reflect)

Language Access Service Information

If you would like to provide feedback regarding any language access services you’ve received in Bethel SD, please fill out this survey. Thank you.