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  • Welcome to the 2021-2022 school year!




Weekly Update

  • Happy Friday Raccoons!

    Reminders... dates... and menus... Oh, my! 😊

    NO SCHOOL... next Friday, September 24th.


    If your child is staying home from school... please be sure to call our attendance clerk, Mrs. Ferguson, at 253-800-5093 or report the absence on ParentVue. 

    If you are planning on your student being absent for more than three days... be sure to contact our attendance clerk and request a "Planned Absence Form".  This form needs to be turned in to the office at least three days before the planned absence.

    💛💙Drop off: Parents can begin dropping children off at 8:20am.  We appreciate the enthusiasm our parents are showing in taking our Raccoons to school early; however, we are asking that parents not arrive or drop off students before 8:20am.   We are trying to keep the street as clear as possible and we promise to do our best to expedite our 8:20am drop-off time while keeping your children safe.  (Late arrival days drop-off time: 9:20am.)

    💙💛Parent pick-up:  Please do not arrive before 3:05pm and remember to stay in your vehicle while in the pick-up line.  We are also asking that you pull all the way forward.  If you choose to park in our parking lot- we ask that you wait in your vehicle, by your vehicle, or on the grassy knoll.  We cannot have parents gathering on the school sidewalk or walking across the crosswalk.  When your student's teacher makes eye contact with you, they will release your student to go to you (or walk your student to you) as soon as the teacher deems it's safe to do so.  We are working on making the front loop run smoother and appreciate your continued patience and flexibility.  (Early dismissal days pick-up time: 11:05am.)

    🚌Bus informationFor bussing information, please visit:  OR contact our transportation department at 253-800-5900. 

    🚙Daily change of transportation: Established (regular) transportation routines should be communicated with your student's teacher.  If you decide to temporarily change end-of-day transportation for a day or two, the office MUST BE notified via a handwritten (guardian signed) note or a phone call no later than 2:10pm (no exceptions).  On Early Dismissal days the cut-off time is 10am.  Please do not relay your change of transportation plans on the voice mail or via email- as it may not be seen or heard before the cut-off time.​

    Breakfast & lunch menu for 9/20-9/23:  ***Menus are open to last minute changes.***  Please prepare your students for these unpredictable occurrences.  Also... Fruit, juice, and milk are always served with breakfast.  Fruit, vegetables, and milk are always served with lunch.

    Monday (9/20)

    Breakfast: Sausage Breakfast Pizza or Breakfast Cereal and Bunny Grahams

    Lunch: Ham & Cheese Pull-a-Parts

    Tuesday (9/21)

    Breakfast: French Toasts Sticks or Fruit Yogurt

    Lunch: Beef Frank on a Bun & Bethel Baked Beans

    Wednesday (9/22)

    Breakfast: Mini Bagel, Egg, & Cheese Sandwich or Cherry Apple Breakfast Bar

    Lunch: Breaded Chicken Drumstick, Potato Wedges, and Dinner Roll

    Thursday (9/23)

    Breakfast: Cinnamon Roll or Fruit Yogurt

    Lunch: Lasagna Roll Up & Dinner Roll

    Have a wonderful weekend and remember that at school and at home...

    Raccoons always try to make good decisions, show respect, and solve problems!

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