• Congratulations 8th Graders!

    Posted by JULIA BUTELA on 6/13/2020
    To our amazing 8th grade Chargers,
    We have appreciated our time with you at Cedarcrest. You are a curious and passionate bunch of students. If there is one thing we hope you walked away with, it’s the fact that you matter, you are powerful and you have the ability to improve society. We hope that you recognize your greatness, that you have deep self love and confidence in yourself, that you know the only person you should compete with is you.
    We also want you to remember that kindness matters. This is not a concept that society pushes on young people. But we have to get into the habit of building each other up. We have to work hard to counteract all the negative imagery we see about ourselves by being kind and supportive of each other, by congratulating each other and pushing each other towards positive goals. Love each other.
    Thank you for growing with us and allowing us to grow with you. We will miss you and hope to see you soon.
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