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LMS Dress Code

Liberty Middle School Dress Code

Liberty Middle School, like all public schools, is a place with one primary goal:  providing the safest, most positive learning environment possible for all students.  Clothing and accessories that detract from that are not acceptable.  While we encourage self-expression for all, it must also come within reasonable limits, and always in the service of improving the learning atmosphere of our school.



1.     Representations of tobacco, drugs, or alcohol products, or symbols promoting the consumption of these items are NOT allowed.

2.     No offensive/vulgar language, symbols, or pictures on any clothing, overt or implied.

3.     No clothing representing illegal activity, substances, or weapons

4.     No sagging. Specifically this requires pants to appropriately fit, and be neither over-sized/baggy, or too tight and low riding.  Waistlines should rest no more than two inches below the navel.  There are no exceptions to this rule – even if other pants or shorts are worn underneath.

5.     No visible undergarments.  This includes but is not limited to bras and boxers.

6.     No unsafe jewelry or accessories.  This includes but is not limited to spikes, pins, chains, or other protruding jewelry.

7.     No hats, bandanas, or other forms of headgear including wearing hoods in the building

8.     No sunglasses.

9.     No holes in pants above fingertip length that reveal skin.

10.  Only appropriate footwear allowed

11.  No trench coats, or bulky coats in the building.  Coats of this description may be stored in lockers during the day, but never worn in the building.

12.  No revealing clothing.  This includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • pants must meet the guidelines described above
  • no see-though clothing that reveals skin in areas not allowed already in this code
  • deep cut shirts are not allowed (chest or under-arm areas)
  • no spaghetti straps or narrow straps (straps must be at least two fingers in width)
  • no bare midriffs
  • shorts and skirts must be AT LEAST fingertip length

13.  No type of clothing or accessories may promote gang affiliation, symbols, or any type of gang related behavior.  Please recognize that gang symbols often change – administration reserves the right to make changes to this category in cooperation with local law enforcement.

Times and context means things change – administration reserves the right to make changes to these rules as needed, in accordance with school district policy.