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Staff Spotlight: Peggy Brayton

Peggy Brayton is secretary to the principal at Elk Plain School of Choice. Though this is her first year working in this job, it’s not her first year at the school … she had two daughters who went to Elk Plain.


“It’s been a long time! I started in this school as a parent volunteer and then I got on the sub list to help in the health room and I just went from there.”


Peggy has been with the district for 18 years, many of which she spent working at the district office.


What’s it like to return to a school setting?


“The best part about working here is the kids. I missed the kids so it was nice to get back and it was like coming home because I had spent so many years here.”


Do you have any big plans for winter break?


“Spend it with family. We’ll probably go to Oregon for a day or so and then I’m just going to vegetate … become one with the world.”


What do you do on New Year’s Eve?


“I sleep. We’re probably in bed by nine. We just try to keep the dogs peaceful and not scared from the noise. That’s like a New Year’s Eve full time job.”

Peggy Brayton