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2019/2020 SY-Registration will open April 8th, 2019

Thinking about enrolling with BELA?  BELA is a partnership between the Bethel School District and parents who choose to teach their K-5 grade student at home. 

Who chooses BELA?

  • Homeschool, desires the support of a teacher & access to small group instruction.  Willing to follow requirements and accept supervision. 
  • Medically fragile students, Type 1 Diabetics, severe allergies, chronic conditions requiring many appointments
  • Aspiring Athletes
  • Special Education students, students more than one grade level below in one or more area.  Students with behavioral challenges who are in the process of being evaluated but who don't yet have a diagnosis to qualify for a special program. 
  • Highly Capable students,  some identified who attend Challenge one day each week.  Parents feel their strong student is not challenged in school/wasting a lot of time. 

If this is you, please fill out

Enrollment Information Form SY 2019/20 BELA


Thank you,

BELA Staff