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Safer parking lots this winter

With winter weather in the forecast, our maintenance crew is taking extra steps this year to make sure our school parking lots stay safe for staff, students and the community.
In years past, maintenance would deliver de-icer to the custodians, who would take care of the sidewalks and entryways at our schools. That will continue, but this year, thanks to new spreaders mounted on the maintenance vehicles, the maintenance crew will be able to take care of the parking lots as well.

Greg Reber, the lead for the grounds crew, said his team covered the district in just three hours this morning. “Today was our first day, so there’s a learning curve. But I’m thinking we’re going to be able to narrow that down, especially when we get the other two spreaders up and running.”

Reber said that’s where the transportation department comes in. “Transportation hard wired the system through the truck, so it’s got a controller in the cab. You fill up the hopper, turn the speed to whatever you want, take off driving through the parking lot and it just spreads it out.”

With a cold winter ahead, there’s going to be a lot of de-icer in Reber’s future. “I’ve got 12 more tons coming in today," he said.
Bethel Maintenance Crew