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Digital dissection with zSpace

Several classes in our district are getting their hands on a new technology called zSpace. zSpace is a virtual reality learning experience that allows students to manipulate digital objects in a three-dimensional space.

Bethel High School’s Jennifer Morrison was one of the first teachers to get the new technology into the hands of her students. “Today we’re using it for the first time in Human Body Systems, which is our anatomy and physiology class,” she said.

Morrison’s class is currently studying how the eye works. Using the zSpace glasses and stylus, students were able to digitally dissect an eyeball. But Morrison said that won’t keep them from getting their hands dirty. “They’ve already done a physical dissection of the eye. Dissection is very, very important, however there are things that are always missing on the eyes when you purchase them. And some things are very difficult to see because things are really tiny and really easy to miss,” she said.

Morrison said zSpace enhances her students’ learning and she’s been happy to supplement her curriculum with it so far this year. She is planning to use it in all of her biomedical science classes in the future.

You can see zSpace in action for yourself at
Bethel High School students use the new zSpace technology in the classroom.