The power of music

Our music educators are responsible for teaching their students to read sheet music and hit the correct notes, but their most important lessons transcend music altogether.
In our choir, band, and orchestra classes, students are learning skills and lessons that will be with them for the rest of their lives, whether they continue playing music or not.
Kit Carollo, who teaches band in a number of our elementary schools, says music creates a sense of belonging for many young people who feel like they don’t fit into other groups.
“Being part of a music class really gives them a chance to be part of a school family,” Carollo said.
Bethel High School orchestra teacher Rebecca Pelandini says her class teaches students to be accountable to each other.
“Every section is reliant on the other sections playing at the right time,” she said. “It’s about teamwork and trust, which is a huge aspect of what we do in music.”
Cougar Mountain Middle School Choir Director Hannah Blackburn loves seeing her students become a team over the course of the year. She says choir gives kids a voice and teaches them compassion.
“It’s all the things that make us human and able to relate as humans,” she said. “Especially in this pandemic, where we’ve been so separated by being isolated.”
We’re incredibly thankful that our Bethel voters have continued to support programs like these by renewing our Educational Programs and Operations Levy. The levy not only helps fund adequate transportation for our students, but it also gives them the chance to be creative in a visual art class; to perform in band, choir, and orchestra; and to participate in team sports. We’ll be asking voters to renew two levies in February. Learn more about them here.