iPad Insurance and Paperwork

Posted by BETHANY AOKI on 8/9/2019 7:00:00 AM

Online iPAD Paperwork is OPEN! Complete prior to Get Your Stuff Day!

Online iPad Paperwork open- Please complete prior to Get Your Stuff Day on August 29, 2019.  Steps are listed in order below, email me at baoki@bethelsd.org with any questions! 

  • Go to bethelsd.org/fms
  • Click on Payments & Purchases
  • Sign In
  • Select Your Student
  • Click "Items at Student's School"
  • Click iPad Coverage
  • Press BUY next to your payment category
  • Click Checkout 1: Additional Info
  • During check out 1 you will be prompted to initial the hold harmless and iPad coverage documents
  • Complete Checkout 2: Payment and complete the payment section
  • Once submitted a receipt will display
  • If your receipt shows that you have paid and that both forms have been initialed you are all done! 
  • Celebrate that you will not be standing in line during Pride Day!  :-)