SENIOR INFO- Photo Link, Dedication Pages

Posted by NICOLE THOMPSON on 11/7/2019

Celebrate your student


DEADLINE...Midnight on Feb 1st for all submissions

Use the link above to submit YOUR SENIOR PORTRAIT and/or Baby photo. For the Senior
portrait, must be a head shot only, no hats, no hands, must be at least 300 dpi resolution.
Please submit baby photos with name.



Dear Parent(s): Looking for a creative way to tell your student, “I love you and I’m proud of you”?
Place a recognition ad in the yearbook! When your son or daughter is a senior a recognition ad is always a great idea. In the future, seeing your message will bring a smile as they remember your love and support during these important years. And, it’s easy to create a recognition ad. Just send us a copy of your favorite photo and compose your message.

While you’re thinking of what your ad will look like, also think about the size of the ad space.
Select a horizontal or vertical format in a variety of sizes and costs. Take a look at the examples
in our brochure. We can even keep the ad a secret until the yearbook is distributed (but only if your son or daughter isn’t on the yearbook staff).

Go to the link below to reserve a space for your ad today to say how proud you are. Like the
yearbook, your message will be a permanent memory.

The Yearbook Staff

Senior Dedication Pages.

Prices for Dedication Pages: 

Full Page $150.00 *

Half Page $100.00 *

Quarter Page $80.00 *