State Budget Changes

State Budget Changes

Graphs showing district tax rates from 2018 to 2020


The 2019 legislative session did some good things for our district, although we were hoping for more in some areas.

The big news was that the legislature raised the levy limit from $1.50 per thousand dollars of assessed value (or $1,500 per student – whichever is less) to $2.50 per thousand dollars of assessed value (or $2,500 per student – whichever is less).

Bethel falls into the $2.50 category, which we can’t fully collect on until our next levy election in 2021. A supplemental levy election before then to raise the limit is another option, but not one being considered right now.

That extra dollar of levy funding will eventually increase our revenue and help better support the programs we already have.

Even with this increase from the state, the projected education-related tax rate in Bethel will still be lower than the 2018 rate.

Other changes
Bethel received more money ($6.97 million) than any other district (with the exception of Tacoma) from the state's Hold Harmless fund. This is good news, as we still have no regionalization factor like our surrounding districts.

Bethel was also selected as an underfunded, yet strong Key Performance Indicator district, which resulted in an extra million dollars in grant money for our Transportation Department.