“Extreme couponing” in Bethel

“Extreme couponing” in Bethel

extreme couponing

Imagine you have to feed 10,000 hungry kids for an entire school year on a limited budget. You’d have to start by maximizing your groceries while minimizing your costs — which is exactly what Child Nutrition Director Leeda Beha does.

“It’s like extreme couponing” she said.

Meal planning

Extreme couponing was popularized by a TV show of the same name. It encourages the use of stackable coupons, digital deals, mail-in rebates, and buying in bulk to make every dollar stretch as far as it can go.

For school districts, the USDA provides an annual amount of money called “entitlement.” Entitlement is based on the previous year’s number of lunches served. Last year the entitlement amount for Bethel was $595,612.

Just like a coupon, if you don’t spend your entitlement, you are wasting money.

“We use the USDA foods as the base of our menu,” Beha said.

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