New methods to learning math in Bethel Schools

 New methods to learning math in Bethel Schools

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SPANAWAY, Wash. -- New research on how to help kids learn and understand math is now being taught in the Bethel School District.

The Bethel School District sent staff to Stanford to learn about this teaching method called Creative Mindset Mathematics. They came back to teach other staff and spent Summer Math Camp teaching 5th graders with this new method.

Teacher April Forsyth said they're also helping to prove the new theories: Working with kids in groups; getting them to form connections so they understand the math.

Encourage both number sense and reasoning while being very cooperative, collaborative and students are being creative and having fun with it," said Forsyth.

"I like how it's very social and there's no by-yourself work -- it's all together," said Hailey Shenefield.

The method, under research at Stanford University, works on making both a visual and a numerical connection to build the concept and understanding in the brain. Read more here