New Educational Tools

New Educational Tools

lacrosse balls


Bethel High School social studies teacher Suzanne Doyle attended a weeklong neuroeducation conference this summer and returned to school with a new tool in her educational tool belt: A lacrosse ball. It turns out bouncing balls while performing mental activities can strengthen brain activity in students.

It’s all pretty complicated, so it’s best to let Suzanne explain it: “I learned that physical activity readies the brain for learning. It actually gets students out of their amygdala and into their pre-frontal cortexes, where academic learning takes place. It builds dendrites, strengthens synapses, brings oxygen to the brain and all sort of other good benefits,” she said.

So this year, before they begin class, Doyle’s students bounce lacrosse balls while trying to spell complicated words.

Doyle was able to get the balls thanks to generous support from Longstreth and Lacrosse Balls Direct. She also received $100 in vouchers from DICK'S Sporting Goods, which she passed on to students in need at BHS.

“In a world that can sometimes seem lacking I found three companies that were willing to make a difference in the life of our kids. Please consider using these companies when ordering team and or personal merchandise. Big companies changing lives. Awesome!” Doyle said.