Medical visits

Medical visits

Under Gov. Inslee’s current orders, patients have access to most, but not all, health care services. The order does allow for regular clinic visits so you can maintain care for any current or urgent conditions. 

  • Urgent and emergency care is available and safe to access.  Patients with COVID-like symptoms are separated away from others.  
  • Doctor and clinic visits for routine care were never prohibited under the Governor’s order. Contact your provider to find out what in-person and virtual options are available.  
  • Telehealth visits connect you with your health care provider through phone and video conference. This is a good option for routine care, mental health, managing chronic conditions, and having new conditions or symptoms evaluated to determine if you need an in-person visit.  
  • Some surgical and diagnostic procedures are now available. You and your health care provider will need to work together to determine if the procedure is needed urgently enough that a delay would have a detrimental impact on your health. 

While we’re not fully back to normal operations, you shouldn’t delay care for new or worsening symptoms. Part of doing your part means staying healthy and connecting with your health care team if you experience troubling symptoms.

Please do not delay getting the health care you need.  We strongly encourage you to call your health care provider to discuss your concerns. Many issues can be addressed with informed guidance, prescriptions or a tele-medicine appointment.

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