September 2019

Bond Project Update: September 2019


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If you think traffic is worse than ever this school year, you might be onto something.

Our unofficial September student count confirms what we’ve been expecting, more families are moving in to our district, and that means more cars are on the road.

Schools like Nelson Elementary and Frontier Middle are already 100 students above their projections for this school year. That’s 100 extra kids for each already-crowded school.

That means more parents are on the roads, giving our 226 buses a run for their money. During this growing time, the district is encouraging parents to have their students ride the bus, instead of driving them to school, hoping it will help alleviate some of the traffic issues we are seeing around our schools.

If you are going to drive to school, be sure to use caution, and drop students off only in specified drop off locations. Dropping them off along the side of the road or elsewhere is not safe. Read more here