April 2021 - Student of the Month

Alina "Bunny" Lowe ( 6th Grader @ Cedarcrest Middle School)

Congratulations, Alina-"Bunny" for being selected as the April-Student of the Month. Throughout this school year we have identified students who are always willing and able to help when called upon. Alina-"Bunny" is definitely one of the students who immediately comes to mind. She is one who will not hesitate to roll up her sleeves and jump in. Every time we have sent out a call for help she has always come to our rescue as someone we can depend on. Without amazing volunteers, students, families, and staff our program would not be as successful as it is! It is a true gift to be able to serve our Native American community and with great students such as Alina-"Bunny", it’s even better! Thank you, Alina-"Bunny" for all your stewardship, leadership, and willingness to lend a hand when we are in need. Keep up the great work and soar into the leader you were meant to be!

Alina-"Bunny" was asked to share a little about herself:

Alina "Bunny" is a proud member of the Inupiaq Tribe (Alaskan Native). Her favorite subject in school is Art and her favorite teacher is Mr.Olson. When she is not at school or in leadership duties she likes to spend her time swimming, playing video games, and cosplay. She feels it’s important for people to know her tribe is in the Arctic Circle where temperatures get extremely cold.

She is currently interested in pursuing a career as a voice actress. She is also passionate about Cosplay. Being Native American means having an amazing community with great food!! If She could put on her superhero cape and change one thing in the world; she would make sure racism no longer existed!

Alina’s-"Bunnies" favorite quote is, “When you lose it's not over, it's only over when you quit”.