Skylar Viene is the Winner of the 2020 Cavalcade of Authors Writing Contest! Congratulations Skylar!!! Here's her award-winning story.

Posted by PAIGE FOLSOM on 4/30/2020

Music Personified 

By: Skylar Viene, 10th grade 

   The first note is played. A deep low note from a bass that expresses the inescapable pain of loneliness. The longing call for a companion who has yet to answer. It floats like a phantom lost in the wind. Then it stops, having vanished just as easily as it appeared. The next note: a crisp, clean sound from a violin that subtly turns into a tune that tries to soothe the aching cry of the first, beckon it from its cave of solitude, and end it’s solo dancing. She begs the bass to hear her song and bask in its beauty, the only price is to save her from her tower at the edge of a still, silent sea. But soon, it too starts to end. Feeling wounded and heartbroken and rejected she curls up into herself, leaving only a quiet echo as evidence that she was there at all. 


   The bass being a cautious creature that it is, answers with an almost inaudible response. The violin had taken him by surprise, and now he wasn’t sure how to respond to the genuine care she seemed to feel towards his pain. He played a tune that was guarded, like a vault in the deepest dungeon of a stronghold that housed an entire army. It was the unyielding clash of steel against chainmail: tough, brutal, and protective. The violin having heard his response wasn’t frightened, she was just happy to finally have freedom. For the walls of her tower to finally crash and crumble into a sea that was no longer still and no longer silent. She played her song for the bass, now a piece of joyous movement that welcomed him to come and sing with her. And slowly but surely he did. The clambering clang of metal halted, and in its place was a gentler more compassionate tune. It molded to the violin’s music and amphided it into something stronger. 

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