Fall 2020 Reopening Update 7-10-20

Posted by Bethel School District on 7/10/2020 4:45:00 PM

This week our School Board held a special Study Session to discuss the available options for reopening schools this fall. You can see the presentation by clicking here. Two models have risen to the top, both of which take into account the guidelines from the state and the limitations we have with building capacity:

  1. AM-PM: Every student comes to school everyday for a half-day, Monday-Thursday.
  2. A-B: Full days for students, but only half the student body four days of the week, Monday/Thursday - Tuesday/Friday. 

Both models would get students back in school while adhering to the guidelines set by the state. Whichever model we select, we are focused on the following:

  • Keeping students and staff safe.
  • Providing for students furthest from educational justice, and those requiring in-person services to fulfill their basic education needs.
  • Maintaining student engagement and learning.
  • Allowing students to be physically present as often as possible.
  • Finding a model that supports in-person and online learning. 
  • Finding a model that is fair to parents, with regard to childcare and learning resources.

We are currently reviewing classes like band, orchestra, choir and physical education to determine how they may be offered under the state’s guidelines this fall. We are also reviewing food service options and the possibility of after-school activities.

We are also preparing for a possible return to 100% remote learning if the virus status changes and the state directs us to do so in the interest of public health.

This week, our teacher committee began reviewing online curriculum options for the Bethel Virtual Academy (BVA). Thank you to those families who have already signed up for BVA. If you do not feel comfortable with a face-to-face return to school in the fall, complete the BVA Registration Form by clicking here. Families that sign up for BVA are committing to 100% online-only learning provided by Bethel teachers for at least one quarter at the elementary level and one trimester at the secondary level. A BVA student’s return to the face-to-face model in their home school at the end of quarter or trimester, will be based on space availability. 

During its July 7th meeting, the WIAA Executive Board took action to delay the start of the fall season until September 5th for football and September 7th for all other fall sports. WIAA is continuing to review the plan for athletics and for needed changes to the current plan. They meet again on July 22.